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Do you need to import cars, trucks , disposable household items, edibles etc  and do you want to  buy(import)  articrafts, vegetables (pepper, okro etc), sea foods (tilapia, tuna etc)  , Sarutex is the company to contact via

As an expert  with many years of experience in the mining industry, Sarutex International abides by relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of it business.  Sarutex International holds a good long term contracts with it’s 43 Small Scale miners in Benin, Mali, Senegal and Ghana who regularly supply the company with any quantity of gold the company needs- to sell to it’s numerous clients mostly abroad.
The company has created it’s own standard when it comes to genuine and constant supply of gold to it clients. Sarutex International Investment & Trading Company Limited operates by laws regulating companies in countries it works in (mostly West African Countries). We strictly uphold the dictates of Mineral exploration and environmental impact laws. At Sarutex International Trading Company Ltd, we provide quality gold and other minerals to our clients. Our dedicated board of directors formulates strategies and policies for the smooth running of business.
At Sarutex International Trading Company limited we say “Trade with the experts” and you will be happy you did so. Contact us via /

With years of experience in the commodities business,  Sarutex has range of credible suppliers and sometimes buyers  for commodities like,  crude oil (in ship loads) especially from Nigeria and general petroleum  products  ( D2,  Petrol  etc), gold bars (normally from Ghana  and other West African countries in large quantities in kilograms), fertilizers, cocoa and cashew nuts from Ghana & Nigeria etc . With professional team, we can arrange from direct sources of these and many more commodities per the needs of our clients on request. Contact us via

Sarutex over the years,  has taken pains to unearth  reliable funding firms, who  fund projects per the needs of each client.  We have alternative way of funding for individuals, companies and governmental institutions upon meeting funding criteria of Sarutex. We also facilitate deals clients who seek funding with their acquired instruments through our network in Europe, Americas, and Asia. Feel free to contact us with your request via /

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Todays world with alot of people who talk but are not performers, Sarutex has made itself  to assist clients who need to procure properties (houses, lands, cars etc) as homes or commercial purposes and any other items and equipment per demand by client in any part in West Africa. Send your request via

Sarutex would be glad to help you to obtain your visa. Relax at home while we do all the work and contact you when visa processing is complete. We can help you acquire visa to all countries. Our services are reliable and our terms of payment is flexible. Please click on the desired service and apply online; we would contact you shortly.

Contact us for all your travel needs. Send your inquiries to

Tailored  services of what clients want from any country of west Africa. Clients should contact us for such request and we will be glad to assist or execute such services as per mutual agreement. Send us the services you need via