Sarutex International Investment & Trading Company Limited, established in the year 2002 is a fast growing firm providing services such as imports and exports of general goods, commodities, procurement and other services to clients worldwide with office locations in different countries (United States, United Kingdom and West African Countries – Nigeria, Ghana and Benin).

Sarutex International Investment & Trading Co. Ltd’s  import & export  services are delivered through a network of certified, skilled professional staff supported by export programs abroad and numerous partnerships that strengthen our global reach..Read more

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are today and it’s important to safeguard your family and assets – now and for the future. We believe you should include insurance as part of your total wealth management plan as it protects you, your family and your hard-earned assets, giving you the confidence to live life to its fullest in the face of uncertainty.

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General Insurance

Protect your family and your assets with our wide range of insurance products. Whether you are looking for a policy for yourself and your family, to protect your home, car or when you travel, we offer a tailored insurance policy that will give you peace of mind.

Life Insurance

Whether you’re planning for your retirement, the future well-being of your loved ones or putting money aside for unexpected events, adequate life insurance is essential. Prudential Assurance provides a comprehensive product portfolio to suit your needs

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Get rewarded on your credit card spend**

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-Savings Account
-Fixed Deposits
-Current Account

Our dedicated industry teams carefully analyze and track sector fluctuations and industry influences to deliver the financing and advice that’s right for you We provide our customers with a complete intermediary and permanent banking solution. Based on our interCredit network, global product breadth and range of innovative packages, we enables our customers and banks to expand their geographical reach and service offering while still retaining client care and handling domestic transactions. Our packages include:

Regular Account
Our Regular account offers a broader range of services with a lot more flexiNbanklity on the management and running of your transactions And a lot more.

Pro Tem Account
Our Pro tem account gives you maximum services, for customers on a budget. Safeguard your interest while you make yourself richer Our Pro Tem account will give you all you need to make everyday banking easier.

Reserve Account
With an income of more than US£40,000 for sole applicants or US£70,000 joint or if you have US£13,000.00 in invest able assets, you could have your own Domiciliary account plus access to a range of other exclusive benefits

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Credit Cards
Simply better internet banking: Get competitive rates, low fees, the best features and fast 24/7 online and telephone banking services.